3 years of Mini Stories!

Short stories to read quickly, and think slowly.


No one could've ever imagined it.

The day of the incident started with many clouds covering the sky. They were planning to go to the beach, but given the probability of wind and rain, it was a safer option to take a stroll in the park instead.

When they got there, the weather improved, surprisingly. A warm, soft breeze gently touched their faces, inviting them to take off their outer coats and feel the warmth in their skin.

The scenery could've been taken from a movie. The birds were chirping, you could even spot some butterflies! After a joyful afternoon, their daughter started to reveal some signs of tiredness (mild tantrums, unease, discomfort with everything), so the parents decided to go home.

They put her in the stroller and started walking towards the crosswalk. There were barely any cars to be seen, but still, they waited for the light to turn green.

It happened, and as they started crossing, they notice a car is driving toward them with no intention to slow down. They hesitate, and in a split-second decide to commit to the crossing, as they were more than halfway anyway. The car swivels and goes towards them. It appears out-of-control, but is noticeably slowing down. The father hurries the stroller and mother, trying to get them out of harm's way, failing.

A bump is heard and felt. Someone screams. The daughter starts wailing.

The driver gets out, yelling, demanding someone pays for the car's damage. His gestures and foul smell give away the fact that he is clearly intoxicated. Trying to understand the extent of the damage done to their child, both parents don't pay him any attention, initially.

After incessant pushes from the driver, and confirming their daughter appears to be simply frightened, the father starts to feel a bubbling rage. The adrenaline rushes through his veins, his forehead begins throbbing. Fear, anger, incomprehension. Many things cross his mind, and still, he's able to calm himself.

A small crowd is now gathered, mostly around the mother and daughter. The father is trying to calm down the driver, but the driver's pushes and shoves turn into greater aggression. After missing three punches, the father finally snaps and throws his wrist into the face of the driver.

The driver immediately lands straight-flat to the ground, inanimate. The crowd quietens.

"He killed him!" Yells someone who had just recently arrived at the scene, not being yet aware of the whole context of the situation.

A woman rushes to the driver, laying down, examining them. She's a doctor and, looking back to the father and crowd, shouts "call 911, he has no pulse!"

Confused and scared, the father started crying: "I didn't mean it! He... he... he hit us! It's his fault! I tried to stop him! My... my... my daughter! My wife! He almost killed us! He tried to punch me! I was only defending us!"

Sirens are heard a few blocks away; someone had already called the authorities a few minutes earlier.

"So you see, your honor, while the plaintiff's brother was guilty of driving under the influence and reckless driving, he didn't deserve this fate. No one does! He didn't even cause any injury to the defendant or his family!" Started the lawyer, in the closing arguments.

"Objection, your honor! My client was simply defending himself and his family! He couldn't have known about Mr. Cooper's aneurysm or that a simple punch would cause it to burst!" Objected the father's lawyer.

"Overruled," complies the judge.

As the jury comes back with a verdict and the judge sentences him to 7 years in jail for involuntary manslaughter, the father starts wailing once more, and blurts out "I was only defending my family! I didn't know!"